What to expect?

Simplicity is key in helping our clients. For this reason we break your experience down into four phases of care.

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Initial Consultation

Your first visit will take 45 minutes. During this time The Woodstock Chiropractor will begin by taking a detailed history of your complaint, past medical history and ask other questions to help build a clear clinical picture.

This is followed by a comprehensive physical examination to help form both a diagnosis and further care strategy. 

If your chiropractor deems it necessary,  referral for X-rays or further imaging (MRI, CT or ultrasound scanning), can be arranged through the excellent links with the local Nuffield Orthopaedic centre, or via your GP. 

Once your diagnosis and care strategy have been discussed and understood, your questions answered and both client and Chiropractor are happy, treatment will begin. 

The Woodstock Chiropractor provides care from your initial consultation-we don’t delay.

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After your initial consultation and first treatment, subsequent treatment lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. We find this amount of time allows us significant clinical impact on your care. Treatment modalities used include chiropractic manipulation, joint mobilisation, muscle techniques, kinesio-taping and medical acupuncture. Exercise Rehabilitation is also offered for those recovering from injury.

In addition to treating those in pain or discomfort, not all the clients who consult The Woodstock Chiropractor are in pain. Many are simply curious as to just how good their health can be or how well they can feel.

You may be an individual who values their well-being or you may wish to develop your performance-in any case feel free to drop in for a free 15 minute Q&A appointment to see how chiropractic might help you.


Once good health and well-being has been restored, we offer maintenance care to keep you feeling great and on-top of the day to day stresses our bodies can face. Why? Because good health and well-being isn't a destination, its a way of life. We would like clients of The Woodstock Chiropractor to feel pain free and at optimum function all the time.

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